Our Performers

Presenting the cast of the 2010 Asheville Vaudeville HALLOWEEN SPECIAL!

Sneaky McFly!
Forty Fingers and a Missing Tooth!
Strings Attached Marionettes by Madison J. Cripps!
Bretian the Hungarian Accordionist!
Aerial arts by Ambra Lionstone!
Siren Songs by Vaudevie!
Seven Ball Jim, Juggling Sensation!
Vendetta Creme with Aaron Price!
Jim Julien and The New Delicious!
Bellydancer on Stilts!
El Diabolo!
Sage Sansone!
The Bloodroot Orkestarr!
Sophie the Wonder Dog!
The Canned Fued Trilogy!
Dance Comedy by Moving Women!
Jennifyre Acrobatics!
The Sugarfoot Serenaders!
And your host... Baron Von Sneeden!